A restaurant brand effort is a circle of guest experiences. There is no official beginning or end to any brand.

It used to be that a restaurant’s offerings—the food, beverage, and entertainment— were enough to drive a brand. Today these are merely a few of the pieces that come together to form a complex brand journey. The brand experience is where the real magic happens, the connection is bonded, and the economics kick in.

Often, small details in your customer experience can make the difference in what a guest remembers, shares with their friends, and that becomes a part of the reason they return.

Here is a list of three ideas and examples that can add to the uniqueness of a brand identity and to the experience of any restaurant.

1.) Delivery of the bill and the writing instrument to sign the check
First Watch is a breakfast and lunch only concept. Their brand personality is cheerful, welcoming, and casual. It’s not a surprise that when guests receive their bill it comes with a bright flower pen. And at the register there’s a full vase of pen flowers too.

3 Cool Ideas to Add to a Restaurant Brand Experience 1

The Grounds in Alexandria, Australia, is a mega mixed experience destination. Just one of their very special dining venues is called the Potting Shed. Guests are presented their bill with in a small garden shovel.

3 Cool Ideas to Add to a Restaurant Brand Experience 2

2.) Gifts with a purpose and story

The multi-unit upscale Mexican restaurant concept called Besito, which means little kisses, makes giving the key focus of their brand experience. Having trouble seeing the menu in the dimly lit dining room? Not a problem: your server will gift guests with a branded Besito keychain light.

At the end of the dinner all patrons receive a tiny doll, said to have the power eliminate the worry from our hectic lives. Both the keychain light and the doll are nice, unique touches to enhance a restaurant experience.

3 Cool Ideas to Add to a Restaurant Brand Experience 3

3 Cool Ideas to Add to a Restaurant Brand Experience 4

3.) Brand messages to cherish

The Oxford Exchange, a restaurant & retail mix, gives their clients simple black and white bookmarks with inspirational messages that reflect their brand. It doesn’t hurt that they operate a rare bookstore at the location too. Not only is this a great way to communicate a brand message, when the gift is usable like these bookmarks, the message has a long lifetime with your guests.

Coasters can also be a great way to present a brand message to your customers. Here’s an example of what Bushmills, a beverage brand, created by turning their coasters into a playful puzzle with brand messages.

3 Cool Ideas to Add to a Restaurant Brand Experience 5

Have you seen any intriguing brand experience details in your travels? If so, please share in the comments.