The movie The Chef brand lessons

If you’ve not seen the indie movie The Chef written, directed and staring Jon Faveau, add it to your must-do list today.

It’s fun, entertaining, makes you feel good and shares some momentous lessons for entrepreneurs and especially those in the restaurant business.

The cast of characters is impressive and includes: Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale. The art direction is beautiful, the music motley and hip and there was no shortage of good food porn (delectable images of ingredients and culinary masterpieces).

The story’s premise is around an L.A. chef who experiences a career dip when a cranky food critic pans his food while his business partner and employer fails to support his need to evolve the menu from the tried, and still popular fare.

How the story happened is a lesson to all businesses. Social media is a living channel for modern day communications and whether the buzz is positive or negative it can spread like wild fire and impact your business.

I’m not going to tell you the whole story, because it’s worth seeing yourself, but I am going to share 5 take-a-ways I gained from this delightful and delicious flick.

1) You cannot ignore social media.
Social media today makes news, fuels opinions, can impact a business bottom-line and can get ugly too. This movie reminds every entrepreneur that social media is a business tool that matters and does not need to cost much to get it to work

2) Hitting bottom can be a really good thing.
Being miserable, frustrated and broke is not the end of the world. In fact some times situations like this can be a catalyst for needed change that leads to the greatest opportunities.

3) Critics are not going away.
Everyone is entitled to his or her view. But no one should rain on your parade. Even winners don’t please everyone. Think about a political candidate who grabs headlines with a landslide victory, They only needed 51% of the vote, and 49% still rejected them. When negative feedback or rejection comes your way, learn what you can from it and move on.

4) Inner happiness fuels success.
When you are happy and feel good about what you are doing, you will produce a powerful energy source that not only creates momentum to fuel success, but that happiness halo will serve as a magnet to attract other happy people into your world.

5) You are exactly where you’ve chosen to be.
If you hate your life and your career, it’s no ones fault but yours. The same goes for strained relationships, the size of your paycheck and whether you are an employee or entrepreneur and run the show. Make good decisions.

Whether you are in the restaurant biz or not, I highly recommend this movie.