Welcome to the Restaurant Branding Roadmap.

Your restaurant marketing and branding learning and inspiration resource for:  How to attract & keep loyal customers.

Our goal is to help you be “the restaurant of choice” with loyal customers who love your place, come often and are proud to be your ambassadors.

Here is what you can expect from the restaurant branding experts.

  • Honest insight and ideas about restaurant marketing, restaurant branding and restaurant promotion.
  • Loads of free content and resources for restaurant chefs, restaurant owners, operators, managers and marketers.
  • High-value products and services to help you achieve your life and business goals.

The company is lead by two restaurant branding experts Karen Post and Jocelyn Ring and supported by a team of other restaurant research, marketing, operational and HR professionals.

Karen PostKaren Post, a.k.a The Branding Diva® is an international speaker, author and branding consultant.

Karen’s work has benefited Fortune 500 organizations, trade associations and emerging small businesses in both consumer and business-to-business sectors.

Starting her first business at the age of 22, Karen has built two successful companies, an award-winning ad agency and a legal communications firm specializing in high-stakes litigation. In 2001, Karen took her marketing, communications, and branding expertise to the international stage as a speaker, author, and consultant. She has traveled the globe teaching and inspiring audiences on the power of branding and how to better compete in today’s cluttered and noisy marketplace.

Karen’s authored two best-selling business books, Brand Turnaround (McGraw-Hill) and Brain Tattoos, Creating Unique Brands that Stick to Customers’ Minds (AMACOM).

She’s been featured in international business and marketing print, broadcast, and online media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, Bloomberg TV and radio, ABC, NBC, CBS’s “The Morning Show”, and National Public Radio.

So if she’s worked for all of these mega, global brands, what is she doing talking to you about small business branding and maybe even first-time restaurant marketing?

Ironically, her first professional marketing assignment was with a small business/new restaurant in the 1980s. And since then, she’s worked with every business sector you can imagine from chemical companies to professional athletes. But food service, hospitality and culinary experience projects are and have been her  favorite industry.

You see, She’s a serious foodie. She loves to cook, dine, drink wine and eat. She’s also traveled the world and has experienced some of the best and worst dining establishments on the planet.

For years, big companies have paid her millions of dollars to help them with branding and marketing. She knows most first-time and small-business restaurant owners can’t afford those fees, but they need the help more than anyone. So why not create a blog, services and products that are affordable and can make a difference for any size restaurant?

Restaurant Branding Roadmap is just one of her entrepreneurial ventures. Her other interests include:

Branding Diva® speaking business
Brain Tattoo Branding corporate consulting practice

Brand expert Jocelyn Ring

Jocelyn Ring  is co-founder of Restaurant Branding Roadmap.

Jocelyn is a business strategist, entrepreneur, visual facilitator and partner of Restaurant Branding Roadmap.  She brings both left- and right-brain to the equation of business strategy and branding. She is passionate about not only the emotional purpose of the brand, but also the strategic business alignment as a valuable organizational asset. She enjoys finding answers to complex problems, understanding “how things work” and translating research data into fresh, new brands and business strategies.

For over a decade, she has consulted with organizations on brand and business matters. Her work has benefited clients in diverse industries including consumer, business-to-business products and services, restaurants and hospitality, technology and healthcare sectors.

Prior to co-founding Restaurant Branding Roadmap and establishing a strategic consulting firm, she began her career as an investment banker in the corporate finance department of Deutsche Bank Securities focused on both small and large companies in diverse industry sectors.

Jocelyn is an avid ‘foodie’ and has been fortunate enough to travel to some culinary hotspots. She enjoys discovering great food at all types of establishments from five-star fine dining restaurants to down-home local joints or her own kitchen. In order to maintain her love of eating, she stays active by cycling, running and swimming.

She holds an MBA in Management and Marketing from the Stern School of Business at New York University. She earned a BA in Economics and Art History from Hamilton College. Jocelyn is based in Charleston, South Carolina and can be reached at jring@restaurantbrandingroadmap.com


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