Today, 15 minutes of fame on a national TV show is not a pipe dream, but a reality for many lucky restaurants.

A TV segment can make millions of viewers made of aware of your brand and the publicity value around your appearance and the word of mouth buzz can be freaking huge!

So how does it happen?
Some are cases are pure luck. The producers stumble upon your place and invite you to do a segment. Other restaurants take a proactive approach and reach out to shows.

We believe that being assertive and reaching out can improve your odds significantly. But before you make your move, we recommend getting camera and press ready.

1) Watch other restaurateurs on TV.
At the end of this blog there’s a list of many shows to review.

2) Start with adding video to your website.
This will give you good practice and an opportunity to see how do. Are your communications skills polished or do you need to hire coach. If it’s the latter and you want to be broadcast star this is an important investment. Don’t forget your appearance is part of your brand. Think about what you wear, too, and if you have any signature accessories, like glasses, a hat, an apron or a shirt–wear those on your segment. And make sure your brand identity or logo is visible.

3) Get booked locally on news shows.
This exposure will not only give you more practice to polish your on-camera skills, these clips can be used to show the big national show producers your are TV ready.

4) Target the shows you want to be on.
Watch past episodes, so you are familiar with their format and learn if they have an application process for you to follow.

5) Reach out and introduce yourself.
If you are serious about making the connection, FedEx or use some form of registered mail for your letter and information package. In your pitch, don’t take a hard selling approach, but demonstrate how you can add value to show.

Click here to download our directory of restaurant related TV shows and contacts (it will download directly to your computer, so check your downloads folder)

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