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Jocelyn is a business strategist, entrepreneur, visual facilitator at The Ring Effect and partner and partner of Brain Tattoo Publishing. She brings both left- and right-brain to the equation of business strategy and branding. She is passionate about not only the emotional purpose of the brand, but also the strategic business alignment as a valuable organizational asset. She enjoys finding answers to complex problems, understanding “how things work” and translating research data into fresh, new brands and business strategies.

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4 steps to create a standout restaurant concept

With over 1 million restaurants in the United States alone, you might think that everything has been done and there is not room for another [insert type] of restaurant. Here’s the good news, it is simply not true!
You can create a standout, amazing and uniquely yours restaurant concept
With some creativity, curiosity, research and passion, it is possible to develop a brand new, winning concept for your restaurant. Follow these steps, whether you are in the pre-launch planning stages, or if you have got a restaurant that you would like to rebrand. A strong concept is key to successful marketing and branding of a restaurant.

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Amplify your brand, 5 easy ways to activate ambassadors

One of the most powerful and influential touchpoints your brand has is its “Brand Ambassadors.” These can be loyal customers who sing your brands praises and tell anyone who will listen how much they love …

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How to handle a bad restaurant review

How would you like to be Guy Fieri today? In case you missed it, The New York Times Restaurant Review of Mr. Fieri’s “Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square” was a scathing one …

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