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Restaurant blogs matter – 28 tips to get one cooking.

Want more traffic to your restaurant website? Start a blog.
Websites with blogs earn 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links. Indexed pages and links will earn you more website visitors and an opportunity to expose your brand and story to new customers. Marketing with content, even if you have to hire a writer, is one of the lowest cost, highest ROI ways to build your online brand.

28 tips to get your restaurant blog cooking.

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Full-sensory restaurant branding – 5 opportunities

A strong restaurant brand is earned by what consumers think and feel about your place, your food and your service team. The mental opinions that customers and prospects form are based on 80% emotional response and 20% logical information, experiences and communications.
Sensory branding for restaurants

As humans, our emotional state is activated by messages the brain gets from our five senses. Brand builders who leverage all five senses significantly increase the odds of connecting to diners with appetites and disposable income.

My good friend and author Martin Lindstrom covers this topic in depth in his best-selling book Brand Sense. I highly recommend reading it. Here’s some insight from Martin’s book and some opportunities and ideas to consider as you are creating or improving your brand experience with sensory-infused touch points.

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Food porn – 3 ways to quickly turn on customers

Sex sells we all know that, but have you given much thought to how to make your menu items a bit more seductive and desirable? he term food porn first started in late 1990s when food manufacturers capitalized on a backlash of low-cal and diet food and proudly touted their artery-clogging fare, but today the term has gotten quite loose (no extra sleaze intended) as it refers to images and photography that glamorize food, drink and the art of eating.

Social media has made it easy, low cost and if done right a very profitable way for restaurants to show off their stuff and empower their customers to do the same and become brand ambassadors.

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Paula Deen’s brand, a bad buffet of blunders.

There is no amount of butter that can help Paula Deen’s brand get out of this tight jam. The past few weeks have not been pretty for Ms. Paula, the Southern belle, sweet potato, comfort food celeb. After being deposed in a lawsuit where a former employee alleged a culture of racism and sexual harassment, Paula under oath, admitted using the “N” word and I’m not referring to “Non-Fat.”

Her million-dollar empire went from deep-fried and happy to “where have all my sponsors gone?” Wal-Mart, Target, Smithfield Foods, Caesars Entertainment, The Food Network, Home Depot and even the drug maker Novo Nordisk all opted-out after the news broke.

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What Howard Schultz, Anthony Bourdain, Marcus Samuelsson & Karen Post have in common

We are all speaking at National Restaurant Association annual show, in Chicago May 18-21st.

Join us for three days of inspiration, learning and networking.

Connect with 1,800+ exhibitors across 900+ product categories
Attend more than 70 free education sessions on hyper-relevant topics
Meet with industry leaders from 100 countries and across the U.S.

My session on how to take your restaurant to the next level is May 20th from 3-4 PM in Room S402A. For complete details go to NRA show.

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Squirrel tests restaurant brands – How would you rate?

A restaurant brand is so much more than the food and service. A restaurant brand is the mental imprint earned by the totality of everything they do including: how the restaurant treats customers on perfect nights and nights when things go unexpectedly crazy.

Last Friday night, more than a half-million people in Tampa were advised not to drink the city’s water due to a high probability of bacterial contamination. The problem was believed to be the result of a chewfest by some local rodents also known as squirrels. The cute critters’ gnawing tripped up the system causing an ugly shutdown.

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4 steps to create a standout restaurant concept

With over 1 million restaurants in the United States alone, you might think that everything has been done and there is not room for another [insert type] of restaurant. Here’s the good news, it is simply not true!
You can create a standout, amazing and uniquely yours restaurant concept
With some creativity, curiosity, research and passion, it is possible to develop a brand new, winning concept for your restaurant. Follow these steps, whether you are in the pre-launch planning stages, or if you have got a restaurant that you would like to rebrand. A strong concept is key to successful marketing and branding of a restaurant.

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Brand, tribes & hockey pucks – 6 things you can learn from the Tampa Bay Lightning

Last night, I attended a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. And while my home team lost to the New York Rangers 4-3, the outing scored so high with me that I wanted to share what I experienced. We can all learn a lot from a champion brand like the Bolts and all of these lessons you can apply to powering up your restaurant brand, too. 1) First impressions are lasting impressions. Invest in team training.
Every person we encountered (5) before we made it to our seats was over the top warm, welcoming and helpful. The Lightning makes employee training and development a top priority. Even during the recent lockout, management did not cut employees, instead they extended the paid vacation. The amazing culture of this team and its support staff did not just happen, leadership values the employees and invests heavily in developing them.

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Amplify your brand, 5 easy ways to activate ambassadors

One of the most powerful and influential touchpoints your brand has is its “Brand Ambassadors.” These can be loyal customers who sing your brands praises and tell anyone who will listen how much they love …

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