The idea of pairing food with wine is nothing new. Restaurants have been doing this for years. I just read this interesting article in QSR Magazine where a restaurant now pairs pot with pitas. Why not? It got me thinking about how food pairing can add buzz and biz to your restaurant, too.

Read more of that article here.

Today’s consumers have an elevated interest in many beverage categories like: beer, tea, juices and coffees, and with the recent legalization of pot, new opportunities to profit from pairing are surging.

As you look for ways to differentiate your restaurant band and dining experience, why not give pairings a place in your menu.

Why flavor marriages are worth exploring.

  1. Food pairing is a great way to show your patrons that you are a true taste expert. This creativity and knowledge of ingredients, beverages and now weed can result in a deeper culinary experience.
  2. Food pairing can increase your check total. Instead of just selling a glass of wine, why not create a food journey that’s not just limited to beverages or evening meals.
  3. Food pairing gives your wait team something new to share with your guests. Explaining how it’s fun and can really amplify their flavor experience.
  4. A new food pairing menu can serve as a news angle with the food media. Good publicity always helps with brand awareness.

Your checklist to get the full bang out of this innovating idea.

Keep it simple.
You want to add value to the customer experience, not overload them with too much information.

Create a special menu.
Whether this is a table tent or supplemental page to your main menu, give the guests enough detail on the recommendations and what they can expect.

Make sure your staff is trained and excited about the pairing.
Let your staff help design the pairing, let them sample what they are selling and make sure they have the tools to promote it.

Consider flights.
If you are pairing a beverage, offer smaller portion flights with a packaged price and present them in a cool way. I’ve bought wine flights with cheese before that are served with a custom placemat noting the featured wines and cheeses.

Let the food media including restaurant blogs about your pairings.
A simple news memo explaining the pairing recommendations can earn you a mention or even an article on your creative offering.


Beyond the norm. Try these interesting pairing partners.

  • Coffees and deserts
  • Flavored waters and food
  • Vodkas and caviars
  • Pizza and beer
  • Tequila sips and peppers
  • Teas and pastries
  • Wines and cheese and meats
  • Grilled seafood and sauces
  • Soups and sandwiches
  • Wine and chocolate
  • Allow customers to pair items

And if you live in an area that legally serves pot, add that to your offering.

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