This weekend in the Wall Street Journal I saw a great ad for Josh Cellars. I’ve been a fan of the ‘Josh’ wine brand for sometime, and their Father’s Day promotion, I thought, was worth sharing with you.

June 21st is Father’s Day. It’s an important day to appreciate dads who are still with us, or if you’ve lost yours, like me, it’s a day to reflect on how they were a part of your life, and think about how much you miss them.

Josh Cellars

The Wall Street Journal ad tells the story. Joseph Carr, founder of Josh Cellars, created this wine and his company in honor of his dad. It’s a simple tale and beautiful tribute to Joseph’s hero — his dad — who had the same name, but whose close friends called Josh.

As a way for customers to recognize their dads everywhere, Josh Cellars is offering a custom label with your dad’s name on it. All you to do is visit their special webpage, fill in your dad’s name, and they will send you a custom label to affix to a bottle of wine that you buy in your local market. What a nice idea and gift for father’s day, and a way to connect with your brand’s fans.

I had never been to their website and, other than enjoying their wine, had little knowledge of their story or brand. I was not aware of Josh Senior, a veteran, firefighter, and a man of such high character who inspired a young wine entrepreneur; his son. Congrats on a great Father’s Day promotional idea, and an excellent example of how an authentic and simple story can be the root of a distinct brand.

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