Three items to cover this week. First off, thank you all who participated in our survey on the RBR Academy, the new online branding course for restaurateurs. We received lots of valuable feedback and we truly appreciated your time.

Next, I was recently invited to be on the expert roaster at FoodableTV. If you’ve not heard of them, you need to check out their site. With a community of almost 300,000 global restaurateurs, they are a premier online hospitality portal, covering food and beverages, restaurant trends, news and innovation. They do articles, high quality video programming, and events. My articles appear twice a month. This article below ran first ran there and received a lot of interest. It may be a topic that can help you too.

Woman restaurant guests – How to attract and connect with

The total income of all women is predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018, according to the global professional services firm EY.

Women also have tremendous influence. Even when they are not paying for the check, they are driving 70 to 80 percent of the buying decisions. That definitely includes restaurants too. Is your place getting its share of female dining customers? If not, here are some insights and ideas to attract more female patrons.

Start by better understanding how the female customer is wired.

Media researcher Nielsen reports that while male and female brains may look alike on the outside, there are differences in how men and women process information, express emotion, interact with others, and ultimately approach their daily activities. These important differences impact both the media required to reach them and their purchasing patterns.

Understanding the female demographic is key to crafting a restaurant experience that appeals to this important market. Read the full article in and learn ways to step up your restaurant’s feminine appeal.

In closing, I just got back from a week in Banff, Alberta, Canada. What a fabulous place. Beautiful scenery, tons of great restaurants, and a favorable US currency exchange rate to boot. Basically deduct 25% off all your purchases.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing many of the things I saw there, from small creative branding touches to interesting menu ideas.

Gratitude, Attracting Women and a Cool Idea 1

This week, I’d like to share a cool idea to add some nostalgia to your customer experience. The inspiration comes from the Park Distillery, a hot spot that makes its own branded booze and serves up a very impressive menu. Think corn-flake crusted, pulled pork logs served with their own maple whiskey infused bacon dip.  Imagine a full offering of inventive mocktails, like a Thermos Filler Mint, made with agave nectar, simple syrup, soda, and officially titled Zero Proof beverages.

Gratitude, Attracting Women and a Cool Idea 2

They also created a visible music nook, complete with a working turntable, and shelves they update with hot new album covers. Once a week the restaurant and bar host Vinyl Tuesday. Along with excellent drink specials, guests are invited to bring in their favorite album. Nice vibe, great food, loved this place!

Gratitude, Attracting Women and a Cool Idea 3

Til next time, brand on!