verde iconsA couple of months ago, we highlighted a Chicago-based restaurant called Yolk in a post about brand consistency.

One of the most important ingredients in a successful restaurant brand is consistency. Not only does this mean consistency across your brand touchpoints, but also in the delivery of your brand. Your restaurant must provide customers with the experience that you promise every time they visit your place or interact with one of your touchpoints.

Here is another great example of touchpoint consistency to share with you this week. It’s Verde, one of my favorite lunch spots in Charleston, SC. They do great job with brand consistency.

10 branding touchpoints that will bring in the green 

1) The concept – a fast, casual healthy lunch and dinner restaurant. The menu consists of fresh, local and seasonal (when possible) ingredients that include vegetables, fruits, proteins and dressings that can be combined to make salads or wraps.

2) Name and logo– In Verde’s brand story, they write about “The Verde Way.” Verde means green in Spanish and at this restaurant, they live up to the brand promise “Verde is green, inside and out.” Logo is clean, simple, uppercase font with a “V” made out of a fork and spoon. The bright green is prominent in the restaurant’s logo.

3) People – The staff is dressed in t-shirts, aprons and hats that all bear the Verde logo. Each time I’ve visited, they have been friendly, helpful and quick.

verde employee1

4) Décor – The décor is bright, modern and uses lots of the signature green.

verde interior king

5) Menu – The menus are printed on cardboard that looks “natural” and recyclable. The font is clean and easy to read and is consistent with the font used in other touchpoints. The logo and icons (base it, build it, top it, dress it) are prominently displayed. The menu also has the addresses and phone numbers of the locations as well as the hours and the url.


6) Serving containers – The plastic salad serving bowls have branded lids complete with logo, url, locations and hours. All of the plastic serving containers and utensils are compostable. At each restaurant, your serving containers and plastic cutlery are headed to compost.


7) Website – the website is clean, green and easy to navigate with three sections: menu, our story, order online.  The website uses the same logo and font as other brand touchpoints. The brand story is one of the main navigation items and it explains the restaurant’s history and commitment to green. Verde makes is easy to find their stores and to get in touch. Locations link to maps. The phone numbers and email are easy to find and social media channels are one click away.


8) Social media – Verde’s branding is consistent across it’s social media channels, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


9) Commitment to “green” – Verde participates in events that raise awareness about healthy eating (local health fairs and events) and keeping the planet healthy (Earth Day, Green Heart Charleston/The Green Heart Project, GrowFood Carolina, Carolina Green Fair, Compost Awareness). They walk the brand talk.


10) Loyalty cards – the branded loyalty cards match all the other branding and the stamps are the Verde fork and spoon.



Great work, Verde!

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Jocelyn Ring is co-founder of Brain Tattoo Publishing and is a branding and business strategist, entrepreneur and visual facilitator. Learn more about The Ring Effect.