The TV broadcast industry does it with news scoop.

Tabloid papers do it with rumors of dirt.

Email marketers do it with headlines.

Flirty people do it with compliments.

Online marketers do it with time sensitive offers.

And dancers do it with a boa.

They all give you just enough to peek your interest, get your attention and then hook you in for more.

And restaurants like yours can do it too.


5 ways to convert, engage, and conquer your customers with a good tease.

  1. Announce a new menu item coming to your restaurant on a certain date
  2. Hand out small samples of your delicious fare at a festival, community event, food show…etc
  3. Upload tantalizing photos of your food on your website that will induce immediate salivating
  4. Offer Facebook or Twitter fans a time sensitive drink deal, free dessert, or appetizer discount
  5. Tell customers at your tables now about the details of an event in weeks to come

Now tease, tantalize, and watch your profits increase.