spotlightPublicity can be a low-cost, high-exposure home run for any brand.

Here are three simple ideas that scored a lot of ink and broadcast eyes.  Remember staying top of mind is important for your brand and often can be the deciding element that gets a consumer to select your place for their next meal out.

Check out these examples, and then ask yourself and your team, how you can take advantage of this brand-building tactic with your restaurant in the very near future.

If possible, always try to time the release of your news pitch or story angle for a slow news day.

Silly idea, great photo opportunity.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders at it again, offering fried chicken corsages for this year’s prom season. This fun story earned coverage in national print, broadcast and on the web in social media.

KFC fried chicken corsage

Newsjacking gets international press.

Mighty Taco took advantage of President Putin’s big bully persona that’s been in the news for months. They crafted up some snarky ads and sent out a news release announcing the world that Ol’ meanie pants Putin was not welcome and officially banned from their Buffalo New York restaurants.

Mighty Taco Putin

To learn more about Newsjacking, visit my buddy David Meerman Scott’s web site  and check out his book by the same name, Newsjacking, it’s about the subject of ridding the coat tails of the current news stories to gain exposure.

Exaggerate anything. Another high chance angle to get the media to give you some brand exposure.

Think Starbuck’s is expensive? Try a cup of brew for 54 bucks. This guy did, but fortunately he didn’t have to mortgage his house to pay for it because he had credit on his loyalty card. Way to go JOE!

This breaking news story appeared in print, broadcast and all over social media.

Starbucks Receipt

Here’s the tweet: @Starbucks @starbucksgold Most expensive Starbucks drink ever. $54.75. it has 60 shots, 128oz glass. #NewRecord

With a little creativity and a unique angle, you can earn your restaurant some great buzz.

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