November calendar, ideas for restaurant marketing

November is a cornucopia of the endless branding and marking opportunities for restaurants. From drink promotions to publicity angles to menu ideas, the month is rich with ways to further differentiate and brand your establishment.

Each month we try to keep you up-to-date on culinary holidays and celebrations that can be leveraged into social media content, a news angle for press, and memorable experiences that will bring in new customers and keep current ones coming back for more.

Need more? You can also follow Chases’ Calender of Events, which chronicles monthly holidays and many special events from around the world. This comprehensive directory is a must have resource for a restaurant marketer.

Want your own holiday? Chase’s also helps businesses and restaurants create and register their own special occasion with an easy submission process.  Designating your own special day with an annual event, festival or commemorative date is another way to generate press and buzz for your restaurant or organization.

Below are ideas to leverage these food, hospitality and fun celebrations to build restaurant traffic, new sales and profits. Need more help with generating publicity once you’ve decided on the creative-holiday theme, check out our publicity Ta-Do list too.

Sample celebration- National Sandwich Day – November 3rd.

  • Add limited addition sandwiches around the celebration
  • Create a contest around the holiday
  • Use social media to promote a time-sensitive offer
  • Build and display a giant sandwich presentation
  • Create the longest sub-sandwich in Guinness World Records
  • Offer sandwiches in unusual ways, like in a certain color theme or with a key ingredient, or all weighing 1lb
  • Introduce a special story about one of your featured sandwiches, how it came about, who it is dedicated to
  • Offer a complimentary sample of special sandwiches
  • Create a mini-sandwich tasting platter as an entrée to showcase your best selling sandwiches
  • Share recipes with your customers on a branded handouts or in digital form

Celebrate national food holidays in November:

  • 1st – National Deep Fried Clams Day
  • 2nd – National Deviled Egg Day
  • 3rd – Sandwich Day
  • 4th – National Candy Day
  • 5th – National Doughnut Day
  • 6th – National Nachos Day
  • 7th – National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day
  • 8th – National Cappuccino Day
  • 9th – National Scrapple Day
  • 10th – National Vanilla Cupcake Day
  • 11th– National Sundae Day
  • 12th – National Pizza With The Works (Except Anchovies) Day
  • 13th – National Indian Pudding Day
  • 14th – National Guacamole Day
  • 15th – National Raisin Bran Cereal Day
  • 16th – National Fast Food Day
  • 17th – National Baklava Day
  • 18th – National Vichyssoise Day
  • 19th – Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day
  • 20th – National Peanut Butter Fudge Day
  • 21st – Gingerbread Day
  • 22nd – National Cashew Day
  • 23rd – National Parfait Day
  • 24th – National Sardines Day
  • 25th – National Parfait Day
  • 26th – National Cake Day
  • 27th – National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
  • 28th – National French Toast Day
  • 29th – National Lemon Creme Pie Day
  • 30th – National Mousse Day

Celebrate national food holidays all month long:

  • First Week – National Fig Week
  • National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month
  • Hunger Awareness Month
  • National Raisin Bread Month
  • National Pepper Month
  • Fun with Fondue Month
  • Georgia Pecan Month
  • Good Nutrition Month
  • Vegan Awareness Month


And we’d like to give a shout out to The Nibble for proving the majority of these food holidays!

Happy November!  Brand On!