This past week in the Wall Street Journal there was a great article on how high-end restaurants are leveraging theme nights to earn social buzz and PR, bond with their customers and even use it as a lab to try out new items. If you missed the story read it here.

If you are thinking about trying a theme night strategy here are 5 places to find your winning theme.

1) Depending on your target market, read the calendar of events (in your local newspaper or their online edition) coming to your town and tie into some other highly publicized event.

2) Focus on an interesting trio of ingredients, pick a vegetable family, or category of food, or ethnic celebration.

3) Honor a famous person on their birthday that relates to your brand. From current celebs like Lady Gaga to Abe Lincoln, create an event around their favorite food and their legacy. Pull an Clint Eastwood and serve an empty chair too.

4) Build a theme around a high profile entertainment franchise like a movie or a musical group.

5) Invite a special guest from out of town and create a theme. This can start with an author, a guest chef, a poet or even an athlete.

Whatever you do, execution and promotion are key actions and exclusivity in some cases may be part of your plan too.