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Are you ready for a TV appearance?

Today, 15 minutes of fame on a national TV show is not a pipe dream, but a reality for many lucky restaurants. A TV segment can make millions of viewers made of aware of your …

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Tattooed talent, new restaurants and breaking news beating you out of publicity you deserve? – How to fix that!

Last week I connected with a veteran restaurateur from my days in Houston, TX. It had been 15 years since we last talked and Restaurant Branding roadmap blog reunited us.  Love when that happens! Anyhow, …

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You want more publicity? More easy tips (2 of 2 part series)

Publicity and third party media coverage influences people’s opinions. These beliefs can sway a consumer to choose or not to choose a business to patronize. So why not take advantage of this low-cost method.

Last week we covered three important steps to help build your restaurant brand through heightened awareness from publicity. We provided examples based on a fictional restaurant called The Munchie cafe. Click here to read last week’s article. This week we give you four more steps.

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