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Differentiate Your Restaurant Brand by Building an Emotional Connection

Consider the lush urban sanctuary in Alexandria, Australia known as The Grounds, where the guests are taken on a food, drink, and social journey in an old warehouse district. Think of Milwaukee’s spy hideout Safe …

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Gratitude, attracting women and a cool idea

Three items to cover this week. First off, thank you all who participated in our survey on the RBR Academy, the new online branding course for restaurateurs. We received lots of valuable feedback and we …

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Transform a boring dining room into a memorable experience – 8 tips to bring a restaurant space to life

You asked, we answered. This week’s blog post is an answer to a question submitted by one of our Restaurant Branding Roadmap readers.

“Our restaurant is in a building that has a very strangely shaped dining area. There is not much that we can do structurally and we think that the room’s shape makes the dining experience strange. It just feels awkward, but I can’t put my finger on why. I see it as a disadvantage to our brand. Do you have any suggestions about how we could work with an odd-shaped room? –Andrew B.

This is a perfect time to change the way you think about your awkward dining area. Creating a winning restaurant brand is about being unique and standing out in the marketplace. Think of your dining room as a great opportunity to create a space that is different and memorable. This point of difference will help build your restaurant’s brand. This room is an asset, not a liability. Create a space that gets people talking and maybe even lands your restaurant on a list like this.

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How to create a WOW customer moment

Let me ask you a question.

Can you recall a time when you had an experience with a business that made you go, “Wow!” (in a good way)?

Here’s one that I had recently. My husband and I love sushi. We’ve tried many local places and found a restaurant where the food and service are consistently really good. Now, we go there pretty regularly on Thursday nights. We have the same waitress each time and now when we arrive she has our drinks ready and an order of edamame on the way.

One Tuesday, she was not working, but she told the waitress that would be filling in for her that we’d be arriving between 8 and 8:30. She told her what to have for us when we got there and also gave her the instruction to “take great care of us.” Wow!

That was a moment.

That was customer experience.

It was unexpected. It made us feel appreciated. It was memorable. And, it was shareable. I’ve told friends about it and I’m telling you about it right now.

Your brand equity (and customer loyalty) is built by consistently providing these “Wow!” moments.

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