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Pour new profits with your own branded signature sodas

If you’ve noticed that your restaurant’s soda sales have softened, that’s because it’s part of a larger trend. Consumers are drinking less traditional soda drinks with high-fructose corn syrup and more water (flavored and regular), …

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Built to last – 3 tips for restaurant longevity

This week I’m answering a question from a reader who asks: We’re in the planning stages of a new restaurant and we want to know if there are any ways to plan for longevity? The statistics …

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One branding tool most restaurants don’t have

A blog. An informational area found on a website. These days there’s no excuse to not have a blog on your restaurant’s website. Most website packages include a blog configuration or a web programmer can easily …

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A secret ingredient to a strong brand

Once a month we post an interview with a successful restaurateur, chef, supplier, brewery professional or a hospitality industry authority. To keep things short and concise, some interviews, like this one, may be split into …

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Father’s Day. 1st FREE Webinar. New website.

This weekend in the Wall Street Journal I saw a great ad for Josh Cellars. I’ve been a fan of the ‘Josh’ wine brand for sometime, and their Father’s Day promotion, I thought, was worth …

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7 ways a private dining room has brand power

This week I read a good article in Restaurant Hospitality on attracting Millennial business diners. Read the article here. Did you know business diners spend 1.6 to 1.8 times more money in restaurants than typical …

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Ask the expert: Ike Orcutt, head brewer and founder at BuckleDown Brewing

Here’s our second edition of  “Ask the expert” series with Ike Orcutt of Buckledown Brewing. Once a month we post an interview with a successful restaurateur, chef, supplier, brewery professional or a hospitality industry authority. …

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Pizza, Pizza & Bazaar Meat

For the 2nd year in a row, I was invited to address The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas on branding. WOW! What a delicious and fun gig. It was three days of hanging out …

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WHERE to grow your restaurant brand

Whoever coined the phrase “location, location, location” certainly had a good idea. Especially when it comes to restaurants. Location can make or break a restaurant brand. If you are curious on the quote’s reputed author, …

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