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How to attract more restaurant customers using social media

We’ve received a few questions lately about restaurant social media. The common themes are: “How can I get better at social media?” “Should I do it myself or hire someone?” “How can I get more …

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WHERE to grow your restaurant brand

Whoever coined the phrase “location, location, location” certainly had a good idea. Especially when it comes to restaurants. Location can make or break a restaurant brand. If you are curious on the quote’s reputed author, …

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5 important things I gained from the movie “The Chef”

If you’ve not seen the indie movie The Chef written, directed and staring Jon Faveau, add it to your must-do list today. It’s fun, entertaining, makes you feel good and shares some momentous lessons for …

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How to use your receipts to build your brand

Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of a receipt, how much attention do you pay to it? If you’re printing it out and delivering it to a customer, it might take two …

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A local good deed evolves national food brand

This year I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to 5 regions of the Florida Chapter Club Managers Association of America (FLCMAA). The FLCMAA is a trade group made up of private clubs, most of which have food and beverage and hospitality programs. Last week, I addressed the Northern chapter in Jacksonville, FL where Sysco Foods was the host.

We all know Sysco, the big box restaurant food and supply distributor. After my presentation on branding, we went on a tour of the facility, which was very impressive.

What really struck me was how the company focuses on the internal culture that emphasizes the team and recognizes everyone’s contributions. Everywhere I looked there were signs highlighting employees and their important roles in delivering on Sysco’s brand promise.

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3 tips for handling a bad online restaurant review

You asked, we answered. This week’s blog post is an answer to a question submitted by one of our Restaurant Branding Roadmap readers.

“I know it is important to be on social media, but I am afraid to put ourselves out there. We had a bad experience with a nasty reviewer online and we didn’t know how to respond. I know that bad reviews and disgruntled customers can hurt a brand. How do you suggest dealing with bad reviews on a Facebook page or on a Twitter feed or on a site like Yelp? Also, how do you decide where to be on social media. There are so many options and we only have so much time? – Denise”

Great question, Denise. You are right, just like your restaurant might see an uptick in business from a consistent stream of great reviews, bad online reviews can hurt your brand and your business. In today’s marketplace, an online reputation is something that every business must monitor.

First, we’ll address your question about how to deal with bad restaurant reviews. If you’re monitoring your restaurant’s online reputation, or you have an alert system set up and you come across a bad review, here are some steps you can take.

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Wake up your brand: touch-point consistency

During a recent trip to Chicago I discovered Yolk, a local breakfast eatery with three locations, that gets the eggs, the service and branding just right. They follow a simple formula. Carve out a niche …

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Food porn – 3 ways to quickly turn on customers

Sex sells we all know that, but have you given much thought to how to make your menu items a bit more seductive and desirable? he term food porn first started in late 1990s when food manufacturers capitalized on a backlash of low-cal and diet food and proudly touted their artery-clogging fare, but today the term has gotten quite loose (no extra sleaze intended) as it refers to images and photography that glamorize food, drink and the art of eating.

Social media has made it easy, low cost and if done right a very profitable way for restaurants to show off their stuff and empower their customers to do the same and become brand ambassadors.

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Paula Deen’s brand, a bad buffet of blunders.

There is no amount of butter that can help Paula Deen’s brand get out of this tight jam. The past few weeks have not been pretty for Ms. Paula, the Southern belle, sweet potato, comfort food celeb. After being deposed in a lawsuit where a former employee alleged a culture of racism and sexual harassment, Paula under oath, admitted using the “N” word and I’m not referring to “Non-Fat.”

Her million-dollar empire went from deep-fried and happy to “where have all my sponsors gone?” Wal-Mart, Target, Smithfield Foods, Caesars Entertainment, The Food Network, Home Depot and even the drug maker Novo Nordisk all opted-out after the news broke.

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