photo-1During a recent trip to Chicago I discovered Yolk, a local breakfast eatery with three locations, that gets the eggs, the service and branding just right.

They follow a simple formula. Carve out a niche (creative breakfast only menu 6AM-3PM). Make the experience memorable. And leverage all the touch-points to support their concept.

10 branding touch-points done sunny side up.
1) From a well designed website, which is as bright and fun as their restaurant environment. The Yolk branding team did not miss an opportunity to communicate their upbeat and fresh approach to breakfast.

2) Branded menu, easy to navigate is bold and bright and uses consistent colors and graphics.

photo (43)

3) Branded vanity phone number – (312) 789- YOLK

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 8.44.07 AM[1]

4) Branded merchandise throughout the restaurant, at counter, in displays, on wait staff.

photo (49)

5) Branded van.

photo (42)

6) Branded decor, from this egg light fixture to the egg wall art, this place says breakfast, fun, and a bright start to your day.

photo (48)[1]

7) Branded signage promotes social media at checkout counter.

photo (45)

8) Branded food presentation is designed around brand color theme.

photo (44)

9) Branded giveaways include: pens and yoke candy.

photo (50)

10) Branded attitude: employees as cheery as the concept.


Nice work, Yolk!