Whoever coined the phrase “location, location, location” certainly had a good idea. Especially when it comes to restaurants. Location can make or break a restaurant brand. If you are curious on the quote’s reputed author, The New York Times actually uncovered the history on the phrase and who was due the credit.

If you’re interested in WHERE hot, new restaurant are popping up across our great land and HOW to find dining trends like these:

  • Meat-centric gastobpubs
  • Chief-drive regional fare
  • Hipster, Asian mash ups
  • Modern southern
  • Old school bistros
  • Next gen farm to table

Check out this story in the Wall Street Journal, “The United Plates of America.”

Written by restaurant critic Joshua Ozerky, this article shows that New York City, Chicago and San Francisco need not be in your address line to position your place with the country’s best restaurants. He contends that smaller, less cosmopolitan destinations are churning out some first-rate, culinary gems.

Lower overhead and hungry populations of customers craving great dining choices in less dense cities is driving some of the most innovative and interesting restaurant concepts and menus in America.

3 more smart reasons an off-beat, small town local is a great place to grow a restaurant brand.

1) It will be easier to earn publicity

2) Less competition

3) You can be the top-foodie king or queen

Added tip:

Keep a list of these big city journalists like Joshua Ozerky, connect with them on social media as it’s likely they’ll be writing more stories on restaurants and looking to discover and share their experiences.

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